At Hooper Realty, we pride ourselves on providing customized, superior real estate services to clients throughout the Niagara Region. We are inspired to revitalize the City of Niagara Falls and preserve the individual cultures of this city that make it unique. With spectacular Niagara Falls "in our backyard", we have a beautiful community for you to settle in. Whether you are relocating and have lived in this area all your life, Hooper Realty understands that finding your dream home is more than just finding a house that suits your budget - We know i's finding a neighborhood that suits your heart.

Our agents are forward thinking and have the experience necessary to sell your home quickly. We have the ability to see the uniqueness of every property, as they each have a distinctive personality.

Added Bonus! Here at Hooper Realty, we will also list your property in our own Real Estate Database, so not only does your property get the exposure of being in a Multiple Listing Service, but it get further exposure by being listed in our very own online database!

We invite you to visit the various sections of our website, view the properties we have listed, and call us to schedule a tour of the listings you've viewed or to discuss placing your property on the market. Call us at (716) 285-0477, or send us an email to contact us.


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